Stained Glass Backpack

Embrace a diversity of textures, imagery and wild colours with this unique backpack design by mlloyd.


With mlloyd’s signature ‘Stained Glass’ style, the artwork presents a diverse collection of images, patterns and scenes.

It’s goal is to reflect the human individuality gained from experiences that are exclusively our own.

Tailored to Fit

Consisting of 5 unique panels of artwork designed to work synonymously with each other, the Stained Glass Backpack has the artwork tailored to its physical form.


The Stained Glass Backpack is made from soft nylon canvas meaning your backpack is not only lightweight, but also water resistant and tear resistant.

The Stained Glass Bag contains three main storage compartments including one designed for your laptop or tablet and an interior pocket for your smaller accessories.

With adjustable shoulder straps and a padded back panel, it is as comfortable as it is practical.

Be Bold.

Be Unique.

Trust only your taste.


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