The Excursionist

Embrace vibrant colours, unique patterns and imagery with this travel bag design by mlloyd.


As part of mlloyd’s ‘Stained Glass’ collection, the Excursionist contains a diverse collection of Patterns, textures and scenes.

Tailored to Fit

With great care and attention to detail, the Excursionist includes 4 unique panels of artwork. Each specifically tailored to the bag’s physical form.


Constructed from high grade waterproof fabric and microfibre vegan leather straps, the Excursionist is as reliable as it is durable.

Every Excursionist bag has strong metallic zippers and hardware in a gold finish.

(Shoulder straps included)

The Excursionist helps you be perceived as one who is not submissive to the pull of corporate brands and common fashion trends, but instead as an individual. One who lives proudly outside the ordinary.

Be Bold.

Be Unique.

Trust only your taste.


The Excursionist comes in both a small and a large size.

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